Adventure sports and active vacationing in South Tyrol

Fun and adventure with action sports

Whether you are looking forward to water fun while rafting, fascinating experiences while climbing up river canyons, or sailing the winds while paragliding: The grandeur of a pristine natural wilderness and a rush of adrenalin are yours when you opt for action sports in South Tyrol...

But better safe than sorry: We will be happy to provide you with expert advice in planning your personal thrill! You can choose the degree of difficulty you're comfortable with, and there are activities suited to both young folks and seniors. In any case, you'll want to spend a whole day indulging in exciting action sports in South Tyrol. We have a number of excellent suggestions for adventure and thrills for your next vacation at the 5-star sport Hotel Andreus. And to ensure your safety, we of course also have professional coaches...

Get your adrenalin rush when experiencing the following action sports:

We recommend: Active vacationing in the Passiria Valley with mountain guide Erwin Mairginter – more information available at

Canyoning in South Tyrol

All roads lead to the Passiria Valley! One is tempted to leave familiar trails and seek out new vistas. When you follow the river through the gorge, you can experience strange and wonderful aspects of Mother Nature hidden to the casual observer. Gorges become giant slides, jutting cliffs become diving boards, and rocky niches become jacuzzis... Traversing a gorge using climbing and whitewater equipment is an indescribable feeling.

Duration: approx. 3h

Time: From June till October

Minimum age: 12 years

Abseiling next to the waterfall in the Passiria Valley

Exhilarating and wonderful hours of abseiling are planned at the waterfall. We will enter via a beautiful high-altitude meadow, which takes about half an hour. You'll learn how to abseil approx. 350 meters above aerial cablecars and rocky cliffs.

Duration: approx. 3-4 h

Time: April - November

Minimum age: 12 years

Lessons in the Canyon (Tarzaning) in South Tyrol

Would you like to partake in an adventure in a beautiful gorge without contact with water, and under ideal learning conditions, and experience, e.g.:

  • Rules of behavior in gorges
  • Abseiling
  • Climbing
  • Riding cableways
  • Established climbing trails?

Then the sport Hotel Andreus is the right place for you!

Duration: approx. 3h

Time: April – Oktober

Minimum age: 10 years

Adrenalin rush at the Passiria Valley Zipline Facility

A visit to the Passiria Valley Zipline Facility promises to be an exciting experience, with hours of action and adventure! You'll be called upon to overcome your fears - but also to enjoy yourself to the fullest! Atthe Passiria Valley Zipline Facility , you can glide from tree to tree about 15 meters above the ground. You'll overcome various barriers and pull yourself up on swinging nets and cables. You'll cross shakey footbridges, climb up established climbing trails, or just "hang out." Here at the zipline facility, you'll get to experience the pristine nature of South Tyrol up close, from its most breathtaking aspect!

You can look forward to a beautiful and adventurous day of vacationing at this zipline facility in the bosom of Mother Nature in South Tyrol, and will be able to take home a backpack full of unforgettable memories!

Additional facilities and adventure parks in South Tyrol include the zipline facility at the Taser Family Alm near Schenna and the zipline park in Terlan.

We'd be delighted to make you an offer for an adventure tour through the zipline facility with our guide Erwin Mairginter. Children 8 years old and older are welcome to participate.

Tandem flying – paragliding

You'll feel as free as a bird! Now you can fulfill an ancient dream of mankind and soar like an eagle while paragliding in South Tyrol. You can glide soundlessly, wheeling on the wind, and fly over the tree-tops, the meadows, and the houses. Enjoy the absolute freedom of paragliding! With tandem flying, you can discover the natural beauty of South Tyrol from a completely new perspective.

Paragliding does not require any particular athletic abilities and is thus well suited for everyone. All you need are good shoes and warm clothes. Before taking off on your tandem flight, you have to run along on the ground for about 10 to 15 meters. And then you can realize the ancient dream of flying like a bird!

We here at the sport Hotel Andreus recommend the Hirzer flying area and the special tour: You can undertake a tandem flight to St. Martin in Passiria, the site of the 2014 German National Soccer Team Training Camp. Come fly with us over the site, the hotel, and the sport grounds where the German National Soccer Team trained from May 21 to 31 of 2014 (hyperlink). We organize the tandem flights in cooperation with the Ifinger Tandem Club (prices starting at €80).

Scuba-diving lessons and scuba excursions

Would you like to use your vacation to learn how to scuba-dive - or at least to try it out?

In the summertime, weekly introductory classes are conducted in the swimming pond of the sport Hotel Andreus located in our Mediterranean garden.

Upon request, we'll be happy to organize - with PADI Dive Instructor Josef "Joe" Morandell - guided scuba tours, introductory scuba-diving lessons, scuba-diving classes, specialty classes, or alpine lake scuba-diving! And everything is according to the international standards established by the world's largest scuba organization, the PADI.

Come and discover this fascinating underwater world during your vacation at the sport Hotel Andreus in the Passiria Valley!


Experience the fun of whitewater rafting along the Passer River, against the fascinating backdrop of the magnificent mountain summits and forests of South Tyrol. On rafting boats, you can conquer the eddies and currents of the river - and simultaneously take in the awe-inspiring scenery of the Passiria Valley. While rafting through the Passiria Valley, you'll be bombarded with deep impressions that are hidden to the casual observer on land. A rafting tour is an extraordinary holiday experience - one that you'll be sure to want to relate to the friends you left behind back home.

Rafting is an adventure not just for adults. Rather, children 10 years old and older are welcome to take part in the rafting tours for families.

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  • paraglider

The Hotel Sonnenalm – An exquisite little alternative

Make your reservations at the 4-star Hotel Sonnenalm – and enjoy all the amenities of the 5-star Hotel Andreus! The 4-star Sonnenalm Sport & Wellness Hotel - located on the wonderfully peaceful sun-drenched plateau on the edge of a magnificent forest - is the perfect spot for all vacationers looking for "something different."

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Opening 1.4.2017
Relaxing, regaining energy, enjoying

This new, small-scale hotel offers 30 luxury suites, wellness and spa facilities and plenty of space in the Mediterranean gardens.

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