Hiking holidays in South Tyrol - Experience the beauty of the Passiria Valley on foot

Experience the alpine wonderland of South Tyrol by hiking

Gentle alpine nature... a mild climate... Come and enjoy your active vacation in the fascinating alpine landscape - far from the hustle and bustle of big crowds. Experience authentic, natural beauty.

...and in what better place than the Passiria Valley, in the Meraner Land vacation region.

The Hotel Andreus in the Passiria Valley of South Tyrol is ideally situated for your hiking vacation in South Tyrol - especially since the hiking Hotel Andreus is located directly in front of a vast network of hiking trails with signposts. Just in the Hirzer hiking area - which you can reach directly from our hotel - you'll stroll past meadows, woods, and picturesque huts, and you'll be able to admire the magnificent view of the Passiria Valley and the surrounding peaks in South Tyrol.

In the springtime, the popular "Waal" trails in the Passiria Valley and in the Meraner Land invite you to undertake easy walks. In the summertime, the alpine meadows on the Hirzer high-altitude plateau or in the Texel Group Nature Park hiking area will enchant you. And in the autumn, the Passiria Valley hiking area with its riot of colors and mild temperatures magnetically draws hiking fans.

Nordic Walking in South Tyrol

In the Passiria Valley of South Tyrol, you can explore the most-beautiful running paths and Nordic Walking trails. The first rays of sunshine, the morning dew, and the fresh, clear mountain air will entice even late sleepers to jump out of bed and embark on a journey of discovery.

During your round of Nordic Walking or when jogging, you can breathe in the pure mountain air and feel really alive. Enjoy the superb natural beauty, the crystal clear mountain streams, and the pleasant temperatures. At the 5-star Hotel Andreus, you can obtain Nordic Walking poles on loan free of charge and embark on your tour. Our fitness coaches will be happy to introduce you to real Nordic Walking. They'll give you helpful hints and tricks and assist you in discovering the most-beautiful trails in the Passiria Valley.

Nordic Walking has long since attained the status of a popular trend sport. And rightly so: Nordic Walking is a form of whole-body exercise that is easy on your joints. It can be practiced at any age. Discover the landscape surrounding the Hotel Andreus and the Passiria Valley on the most-popular Nordic Walking routes.
Nordic Walking... a pleasurable sport that will also enhance your endurance and...

  • ...strengthen all of your muscle groups
  • ...boost your endurance and agility
  • ...help you burn lots of calories
  • ...be easy on your joints and spine
  • ...relieve tensions in your neck and shoulders
  • ...help you relax and eliminates stress
  • ...can be done gently or in an intense manner

Running in the Passiria Valley

Runners of every stripe will find a true running paradise in the area around the Hotel Andreus. You can take easy jogs along the river or push yourself to the limit as you run up the mountains. The choice is yours!

Would you like to do more for your fitness and health? Then we have good news for you:

The use of our fitness temple with its Technogym equipment and the "active and fit" classes offered in the framework of our guest weekly program are likewise all-included.

Hiking tours in South Tyrol

Hiking tours in the Hirzer hiking area

Description of routes (PDF)

Hirzer Alm tour

Walking time 3-4 hours
Difficulty easy and with lots of signposts
Length 5-9 km
Refreshment stops Klammeben, Hirzer Hut, Resegger
Alm, Hintereggalm, Mahdalm,
Gompn Alm, Hochwies, Sterneck
Klammeben-Hirzer Hut-
Pfandler Alm-St. Martin
Walking time 5.5 hours (you should take supplies - especially drinks - with you)
Difficulty a very challenging route - for practiced hikers
Length 11 km
Refreshment stops Klammeben, Hirzer Hut,
Reasegger Alm
Klammeben-Hirzer Hut-
Hirzer Peak
Walking time 3 hours to reach the peak (take supplies with you)
Difficulty medium to difficult hike for practiced hikers (you must be free of vertigo)
Refreshment stops Klammeben, Hirzer Hut,
Reasegger Alm, Hintereggalm,
Mahdalm, Gompn Alm, Pfandler Alm
Walking time 4-5 hours
Difficulty medium-difficult hike
Refreshment stops Oberkirn, Videgg,
Stafell Alm, Klammeben
Where Gampen Pass
How to get there Via Lana and the Gampen Pass
Grube Inn-Oberkirn-
Prenn Mid Station
Walking time 2 hours
Difficulty easy hike
Refreshment stops Grube Inn, Oberkirn
Klammeben-Hirzer Hut-
Gompn Alm-Prenn Mid Station
Walking time 2.5 hours
Difficulty easy hike
Refreshment stops Klammeben, Hirzer Hut, Gompn Alm

The popular "Waal" trails in the Meraner Land

Description of routes (PDF)

Riffianer "Waal" Trail

Walking time 1.5 hours
Length 3 km
Difficulty light and easy
Kuenser "Waal" Trail
Walking time 2,5 Stunden
Length 5.7 km
Difficulty light and easy

Saltauser "Waal" Trail

Difficulty easy
Altitude differential 100 m
Refreshment stops Torgglerhof (open from late-March till early-November - continuously)
Ulfaser "Waal" Trail
Walking time 3 hours
Length 9.5 km
Difficulty easy and comfortable trail, well marked and with lots of signposts
Refreshment stops Ulfasalm (open from May till late-October - continuously)

Verdinser "Waal" Trail

Walking time 2.5 hours
Length 7.5 km
Difficulty easy
Marlinger "Waal" Trail
Walking time 3.5 hours
Length 13 km, almost exclusively through even terrain
Difficulty easy and comfortable, the trail is marked and has signposts

Maiser "Waal" Trail

Walking time 2 hours
Difficulty easy

Hiking around the lakes in South Tyrol

Description of routes (PDF)

Spronser Lakes

Walking time 8 hours
Difficulty medium-difficult
Starting-point Pfelders Parking Lot
(town entrance near the combi cable car)
Laugen Lake
Walking time 3.5 hours
Total length 7.6 km
Altitude differential 700 m
Difficulty medium to difficult
Refreshment stops Laugenalm (open from June till October)
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