Meditation & Yoga

Come to peace and experience inner calm – with yoga during your wellness vacation in South Tyrol

Take the time to relax and unwind, and let your body, soul, and spirit regenerate.

In the context of the Active Fitness Program of the Sport Hotel Andreus in South Tyrol, weekly yoga and relaxation units are offered at our unique Panorama Meditation Temple on the rooftop terrace in the fifth floor. You can enjoy the panoramic view of this mountain paradise while you relax.

We offer you the following mediation and yoga program in our extraordinary Meditation Temple for your wellness vacation in South Tyrol:

  • Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga intended to help the practitioner to harmonize the body, soul, and spirit by means of meditation, physical exercises, and breathing techniques. You can revitalize yourself and attain greater calm through Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga can be helpful in particular against sleep disorders, high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, back pains, chronic headaches, or asthma. You are welcome to visit one of our Hatha Yoga classes during your vacation and learn how to relax at home, too.

  • Morning and evening meditation: The relaxing effect of meditation helps relieve stress and enhance your mental and physical health, well-being, and general level of contentment. Furthermore, meditation helps you reach a deep and lasting inner peace and find your balance.

  • Shamanic travel: If you want to escape day-to-day stress and unwind, then Shamanic travel might be an effective method. Shamanic travel is a unique way to achieve self-knowledge. In Shamanic travel, the traveler transitions to a different reality - the so-called "Other World" - by means of an altered state of consciousness (ecstacy, trance). During this journey, the travelers acquires important knowledge about themselves and can thus achieve relaxation and healing.

  • Tibetan "singing bowl" relaxation: "Singing bowl" relaxation can likewise help boost your feelings of well-being and enhance your well-being and health. It can also promote your powers of concentration and your body's powers of self-healing. The goal is to harmonize each individual with his or her inner self. Singing bowl relaxation exercises are conducted fully clothed, and in the prostrate (lying) position. Singing bowls of different sizes are placed on the subject's back and made to resonate one after the other. Gentle vibrations thus begin to flow through the subject's body. These gentle tones produce peace, a sense of security, and harmony.

  • Muscle relaxation: Progressive muscle relaxation results in a deep relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit. In this method, the muscles are consciously tensed and then again relaxed: The tensioning of the muscles pumps blood into the blood vessels. When the muscles are relaxed again, the blood vessels are filled with more blood. This generates a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation. Muscle relaxation elicits numerous positive effects. Thus, it not only helps dispel stress and boost your energy. Further, physical complaints (headaches, high blood pressure, etc.) are ameliorated.

Your vacation meditation and yoga experts:

  • Angelika: An expert for blockages in your body; looking inward; vitality and relaxation; nutrition; yoga; Shiatsu.
  • Lydia: Wellness trainer and expert for Shamanic travel and relaxation.

"2015 ENERGY WEEKS" at the Hotel Andreus:


with Nadia Lienert

from Nov. 8 till Nov. 21, 2015


with Daniela Dollinger

from Nov. 22 till Nov. 28, 2015


with Harald Kitz

from Nov. 21 till Nov. 28, 2015


with our yoga expert Angelika

from March 7 till March 22, 2015 and from Nov. 28 till Dec. 20, 2015

Participation in these workshops is free of charge.

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The Hotel Sonnenalm – An exquisite little alternative

Make your reservations at the 4-star Hotel Sonnenalm – and enjoy all the amenities of the 5-star Hotel Andreus! The 4-star Sonnenalm Sport & Wellness Hotel - located on the wonderfully peaceful sun-drenched plateau on the edge of a magnificent forest - is the perfect spot for all vacationers looking for "something different."

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Opening 1.4.2017
Relaxing, regaining energy, enjoying

This new, small-scale hotel offers 30 luxury suites, wellness and spa facilities and plenty of space in the Mediterranean gardens.

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