Fitness in South Tyrol

Stay fit - even during your vacation!

We here at the sport Hotel Andreus have a fun-filled active vacationing program for everyone who wants to stay fit and active while on holiday, too:

  • Time for movement - fitness and gymnastics
  • During your sport vacation at the Hotel Andreus, you'll finally find the time to do something for your health - and you'll also find the matching offerings for a fun-filled active holiday
  • We offer a variety of weekly fitness and health classes - free of charge
  • Aqua Fit, fitness consulting, body work-out with the Pezzi ball
  • Back gymnastics, muscle relaxation, and abdomen-legs-buttocks
  • Morning meditation, yoga, singing bowl relaxation
  • Jogging along the river, circle training, gym stick, and six-pack buttocks

The modern and cheerfully illuminated fitness center features the latest Tecnogym equipment at the sport Hotel Andreus and is available for your use daily from 7:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.

New at the 5-star sport Hotel Andreus: A beach volleyball court and an artificial turf field for soccer, basketball, and handball. This allows you to engage in sports during your vacation, too - what a marvelous way to combine fun and fitness!

The latest cardiovascular and power training equipment of the Technogym company is available for your use around the clock at the luxury Sport Hotel Andreus in South Tyrol. Our fitness coaches Helli, Tanja and Lydia will of course give you an introduction to the proper use of the equipment.

Additionally, the extensive fitness program - consisting of numerous classes - allows you to improve your general physical fitness and endurance. Each week, you can choose from a changing program of mental training classes, gymnastic classes, aquafitness in the pool, Pilates, yoga, ab-leg-buttocks, stretching, river hiking, Nordic Walking, and much more.

Upon request, our personal fitness experts can help you develop an individual exercise program consisting of suitable activities and exercises. They can give you a lot of valuable tips concerning wholesome nutrition and physical activity so that your program can be continued even after you return home. This ensures long-term health and balance!

Fitness programs at the sport Hotel Andreus in South Tyrol

Sports, by themselves, aren't enough: Your body, mind, and spirit must be in harmony - only then does one feel truly content and at peace with oneself. That's why our planning has taken into account the need to combine sports with an especially pleasant training atmosphere. The big glass front not only permits you to admire the awe-inspiring alpine scenery of South Tyrol while you exercise - it can also be completely opened toallow in fresh air as needed. And when the weather is fine, the exercises are simply shifted to the Great Outdoors!

The Fitness Center at the 5-star Sport Hotel Andreus

The Fitness Center at the Sport Hotel Andreus is furnished with the latest exercise equipment. You can begin your personal fitness program in your Active vacation in South Tyrol.

The Fitness Center at the Sport Hotel Andreus is furnished with the same kind of professional exercise equipment also found in commercial fitness studios. It is thus perfectly suitable for serious training sessions and body-building. Stations with adjustable weight loads are present for exercising the most important muscle groups.

Our fitness center features:

  • 2 treadmills
  • 1 cross trainer
  • 1 side-stepper
  • 1 upper-body station (for handicapped guests, a rowing machine)
  • 1 water rowing machine
  • 4 stationary bicycles
  • 1 spinning wheel
  • a weight station (lat pull machine, leg press, leg curl, abductors and adductors, shoulder press, and French press)
  • Abdomenal and back chair
  • flat bench with 150 kg
  • short barbells with 1-30 kg
  • 2 long barbells
  • pull-up bar with tip

Endurance athletes will likewise find the right equipment at the premium Sport Hotel Andreus. Treadmill, step machine, cross trainer, and cardio stationary bicycles are waiting for you. All of the exercise equipment features the latest technology. You can thus use pulse-controlled exertion and interval training.

You can look forward to a beach volleyball court, an artificial turf field (for soccer, hockey, basketball, children's tennis, etc.), an outdoor fitness area, and a heated 33.33-meter-long olympic-sized swimming pool. The Passiria Valley in South Tyrol also offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy sports in the great outdoors: hiking, horseback riding, mountainbiking, tennis, swimming, but also adventure sports such as canyoning, rafting, diving, paragliding, etc., etc.!

Thus, the Sport Hotel Andreus is the perfect place for vacationing both in the warm season and the cold season!

Relax and enjoy the wide variety of fitness options at the Sport Hotel Andreus:

  • NEW: Balance Fit, TRX Force, Outdoor Cross Fit
  • Zumba Fitness, Aqua Zumba
  • Golf-core exercise
  • Yoga (Hatha Yoga health maintenance (hyperlink) /"healthy back" program)
  • Pilates (strengthens deep muscle tissue, promotes balance and flexibility)
  • Aqua-Fit (exercise program that is gentle to your joints, for young and old, in the water)
  • Morning and evening mediation
  • Tibetan singing bowl relaxation and shamanic travel) (hyperlink)
  • muscle relaxation (for relaxed body and soul)
  • Nordic Walking (cardiovascular training: strengthens the back, shoulders, arms, and legs) (hyperlink Nordic Walking)
  • Gym Stick (whole-body exercise for muscles, promotes strength and flexibility)
  • Skike (whole-body exercise program that is gentle to your joints)
  • Ab-legs-butt (special exercises targeting the abdomen, legs, and buttocks)
  • Back-Fit (strengthens the back muscles)
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The Hotel Sonnenalm – An exquisite little alternative

Make your reservations at the 4-star Hotel Sonnenalm – and enjoy all the amenities of the 5-star Hotel Andreus! The 4-star Sonnenalm Sport & Wellness Hotel - located on the wonderfully peaceful sun-drenched plateau on the edge of a magnificent forest - is the perfect spot for all vacationers looking for "something different."

Mail to the Sonnenalm

Opening 1.4.2017
Relaxing, regaining energy, enjoying

This new, small-scale hotel offers 30 luxury suites, wellness and spa facilities and plenty of space in the Mediterranean gardens.

Link to the Golf Lodge