The Andreus Sauna World

Sauna in your 5-star SPA and wellness Hotel Andreus near Meran

Once you've experienced the fabulous Andreus Sauna World, you won't want to visit any other sauna. The sauna facilities of our wellness hotel has a number of surprises in store for you!

The Sauna World of the Andreus Wellness Hotel near Meran is among the most exclusive in all of South Tyrol. More than ten different saunas in all temperature ranges are waiting for you over an area of 2,000 square meters:

  • Outdoor event sauna: The new sauna highlight of the wellness Hotel Andreus is enhanced by various different sauna infusions prepared by sauna influsion world champion Helmuth Haller and his team. With disco lights, smoke effects, a silver screen with video projections - etc., etc. - you can immerse yourself in an extraordinary sauna experience. This unique outdoor sauna was designed especially for the Hotel Andreus. With an area of 43 square meters of area and approx. 60 seats, our new outdoor sauna is the largest hotel sauna of South Tyrol and far beyond the province borders. It now represents the heart of the Andreus SPA World. While you admire the wonderful view of the new natural bathing lake and the unique mountain scenery, you can benefit from the sauna infusions prepared by sauna infusion world champion Helli and his team.
  • Finnish Panorama Sauna: An exclusive venue with a glass front and view of the Mediterranean garden and the bathing pond, a classic sauna at 90-95 °C and 10-20% relative humidity, approx. 35 seats, and with sauna infusion every day at 5:30 p.m.
  • Family sauna: In the family sauna in the indoor swimming pool area of the wellness hotel, the whole family - including the kids! - can enjoy the sauna in peace. The family sauna is located in the second story in the swimming pool area. The area is accessible to all sauna-lovers and especially for small guests. Daily from 10:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.

  • Herbal sauna: Come into this extraordinary herbal sauna with fresh herbs harvested daily from our little herbal garden on the terrace. At 60 °C and with a relative humidity of 55%, with aromatic influsion.
  • Aroma steam sauna (45 °C and 100% relative humidity, 7 seats, with defoliation salt).
  • Ceramic sauna: In a sauna with ceramic walls, visitors to the sauna sweat in a healthier way than in a conventional sauna. That's because ceramics are a natural material that stores heat very well and also insulates better. The heat is released into the surroundings at a constant rate, and the humidity is held steady. As a consequence, guests will experience heavy perspiration even at relatively low temperatures, with less stress to your cardiovascular system. The advantages of the ceramic sauna is the absorption of toxic substances from the air and the prophylactic effect for allergies, chronic illnesses, and skin conditions. Approx. 85 °C and 10% relative humidity, 38 seats, automatic influsion every half hour.
  • Vital Sauna: The Vital Sauna is a combined sauna combining Finnish sauna with dry sauna. It has 20 seats, 75 °C and 35% relative humidity. The Vital Sauna is restricted to women from 3:00 p.m. till 5:00 p.m.
  • Women's sauna: The women's sauna - also known as a "dress-on" sauna - is likewise a mixture of Finnish sauna and dry sauna.
  • Snow & ice chamber (-12 °C): We produce our own snow the whole year through for our snow and ice chamber. A cool massage with fresh snow is an absolute highlight after heavy perspiration in the sauna - and shouldn't be missed! Come into a uniquely designed area with arctic temperatures of -12 °C. You can rub your heated body with flakey snow and enjoy the prickly sensation on your skin. Your circulation system is stimulated and your immune system strengthened. This one-of-a-kind refreshing experience also helps to make your skin more supple, it stimulates your heart, and can be repeated as often as you like.
  • Dry saline relaxation room: This relaxation room at the wellness Hotel Andreus has to be experienced to be believed! You'll lie on an exclusive waterbed an listen to your choice of relaxing music. And this is the only dry saline relaxation room in all of South Tyrol with video projection. In this room finely dissolved sea salt solution is atomized and released into the air. Spending time here is like a visit to the seashore, and is sure to benefit your lungs, bronchial passageways, and your whole respiratory system. With eight waterbeds with relaxation music, two video walls, and an 8-meter-long Persian rock salt wall.
  • Infrared sensory tunnel: The infrared sensory tunnel features light shows in columns of water and a cave-like atmosphere - what better place to experience pure relaxation while resting on the ergonomic infrared recliners. The seats are heated, so you'll start exuding healthy perspiration starting at 30 °C (70 °F). The physiothermal low-temperature infrared technology helps release tensions and ameliorate back pains, strengthen your immune system, boost circulation, and improve your metabolism. Your body will be detoxified and purified.
  • Saline Watsu pool: The saline Watsu pool has four whirl functions and employs saltwater at 38 °C (100 °F). A saline bath helps purify your skin and stimulates your circulatory system.
  • Automatic foot reflex zone baths: With three different functions.
  • Panorama relaxation room: In the Panorama relaxation room, you can lie on the rocker recliners, waterbeds, and hay beds as you enjoy the idyllic view.
  • Tea bar with different varieties ever day, Grander water, and natural cereals.
  • Eight adventure showers, four floating beds, and eight physiothermal recliners.
  • NEW Herbal Lounge: The new Herbal Lounge is an oasis of peace, with a spruce pine oil distillery. The pleasant herbal scents will stimulate your senses. You can then take foot baths with the pressed-out spruce pine.
  • NEW Defoliation Mine: This is a mining tunnel with sufficient room for various different defoliation treatments to be carried out - before or after a pleasant steam bath.
  • NEW Sensual Room: An oasis of peace with private cozy nests - ideal for reading a book or simply relaxing and listening to the singing bowls.
Current infusion themes in the Andreus Sauna World: Mama Afrika, Violins, Gladiator, Phantom, Peeling, Passion, Heidi & Peter, Indian Spirit, etc., etc.

More than ten different saunas in all temperature ranges are awaiting you over an area of 2,000 square meters.

Children, together with their parents, are allowed to take saunas in family sauna in the swimming pool area of the wellness Hotel Andreus. The other saunas of the SPA resort are exclusively reserved for persons 16 years old and older.

Did you already know that taking a sauna is a good preparation for many cosmetic treatments, wellness treatments, and massages? So why not take a follow-up treatment in our wellness hotel?

The Sauna World of the wellness Hotel Andreus is open daily from 1:00 p.m. till 7:30 p.m.

In the Outdoor Event Sauna of the wellness Hotel Andreus, there are two to three infusions every day at 4:30 p.m. carried out by our Sauna infusion world champion Helli and his team.

Our sauna masters at the Vital Spa Resort Andreus:

  • Helmuth "Helli" Haller: Since 2009, he's been our fitness trainer and infusion master at the 5-star Hotel Andreus. He was the 2011 Sauna Infusion World Champion and 3rd-place winner at the 2014 Sauna Infusion World Championships. He has the B fitness trainer license and the B nutritional trainer license.
  • Tanja Ennemoser: 2014 Sauna Infusion World Champion (Women's Category) and 2014 Sauna Infusion Italian Champion. She has a diploma from the sport college, is a state-certified ski instructor, and has the B fitness trainer license.

And what do the Soccer World Champions say about the Andreus Sauna World?! Here are a few of their statements:

  • Oliver Bierhoff: "There was an event sauna for 80 persons at the training camp in South Tyrol. I wouldn't have dreamed there was such a thing!"
  • Per Mertesacker: "'Okay, now: All team members and everyone else should go to the sauna and sweat for success.' On the last evening, all 60 of us were sitting in the sauna. That was the first time we even noticed how excited we all were!"

But not just the World Champions sing the praises of the various different Andreus saunas - all the other guests are likewise enchanted:

  • Marlis: "The event sauna - with Helli and Tanja - it is indeed an event! It has been the best sauna experience we've ever had. And the fruits and little refreshments you are offered afterwards... And the great service from Helli - he really took good care of the guests even afterwards."
  • Eric: "We've been in a lot of different 5-star hotels, but this kind of facility - and especially the kind of sauna infusions - was a unique experience. It was absolutely superb!!! Please continue your good work - we're coming again!!!"
  • Hilke: "One feels comfortable and protected - Helli, Tanja, and Lydia make sure that everything is in its place and regularly wipe down all the surfaces. The infusions are simply first rate! And the expanded range of offerings including the singing bowls is fabulous! The new defoliation mine and the Sensual Room are super!"
  • Claudia: "The infusion in the event sauna was fabulous! Excellent employees and very friendly!!!"